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Pick Your Own Longans



Why have friends and families been coming to our Asian Fruit Stand year after year?

It's a combination of commitment to our customers (and the excellent condition of our grove), the quality of our fruit and the unique and fun experience we offer to come and enjoy your time here.


Our Asian fruit stand is more than just a place for some of the best Longans and fruit in the nation.  It's an old world tradition for you, your children and the whole enjoy nature, the sun, the breezes, and fresh clean air.

Especially for those who origainlly came from farmland, our stand gives you a sense of home for just a little while in such a busy world.  You can just look at the faces of our visitors and see the joy and nostalgia...young and old, everyone enjoys it.  



Driving into the grove is like entering into a world apart as you pass through row after row of lush longan trees - there are over 2,000 trees bearing over 50,000 lbs. of fruit!


For families, its an opportunity for older generations to teach younger generations about the simple joy of walking through trees like these and gathering such unique and delicious fruit. 


You can pick it by hand, use our garden shears (with a small depsosit), or have our staff pick boxes of fruit for you.


We provide boxes and carts, and you can pick the amount of fruit that you like. Visitors with special needs can be taken through the grove on our Honda ATVs.  Refreshments, including cold water, are available.


Come to pick our amazing Kohala Longans, but feel free to have lunch in our picnc area and stay awhile. When our visitors are done picking fruit, they don't want to leave.  They're having the time of their lives and introducing the experience to new generations of their families.  


Call us at 1-866-Longans (1-866-566-4267) to find out when the picking season begins and check out our location map for directions on how to get there!

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