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Retail & Wholesale Longans from is proud to welcome you to our site.  We hope that you will agree with all of our customers that our fruit and our service is unsurpassed in quality!


Our Kohala Longans come from over 2,000 Longan Trees (over 100,000 lbs. of fruit) growing in the world-famous
Indian River fruit area, where fruits grow larger and sweeter. 

Our 40 acre property has been carefully cultivated  into a Kohala longan grove that produces some of the best longans available in the state of Florida.

The word "Longan" is derived from the word, "long nhan,", which means "dragon's eye." Learn more on our Longan Facts page!

Find out where in the beautiful Indian River region our property is located and get driving directions to come and pick up your longans!

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